April 15, 2013

kevin's kooking korner

I LOVE to cook. Since we gotta eat, might as well make something good, good for you, and find a good way to share it. These have been go-to recipes of mine that I tweaked to make my own, done Thug kitchen style.
I fucking LOVE me some meat but who needs meat at least one fuckin' night when you got quinoa? These are some vegetarian options that got your protein covered and are awesome for your health bro. Fer realz.

Stuffed Red Peppers (yield 2)
Any color pep is straight but RED will hit you with a fuck ton of Vitamin C. Same if not more than oranges. Not even playin'. Your body will be sayin' peace out to grungey ass germs!

1.    Spicy Tomato Quinoa - Hollow peppers by sawing down into the top close around the stem (don't chop off anything but that stem damnit! I see too many stuffed pep recipes where these ignorant spoofs practically cut that shit in half! Dat shit is wasteful son!) and rinse out/scoop out middle section & seeds with spoon, lightly throw EVOO all over and in peps, then inside & bottom put a bit o' minced garlic to SOAk UP IN DAT and sprinkle sea salt (use salt sparingly throughout don't want too salty bizness bro what you thought you could go back in time? Sheeeeeeeit).

Bring ½ c quinoa (THAT'S RIGHT DON'T NEED MUCH. CONSERVE YO SHIT. LONG-SHELF LIFE. SAVE THE FUCkIN' WORLD), pinch o saltiness, ⅔c H2o and 1c Spicy V8 (HELL YEAH) to boil, then cover and simmer down now for ~20 minutes until it’s all soaked up but still damp. Meanwhile saute some fuckin diced onions then one good-sized handful of spinach (greenerize that shit) in EVOO w tsp. salt, when starts to mix n sizzle sizzle add garlic, diced tomatoes, kalamata olives and corn WHAT?!?!?! & basil or italian seasoning, then 1 or 2 whole carrots cut into centimeter thin slivers (Got to put CARROTS IN LAST BRO to try to kEEP THAT SHIT CRUNCHY yeeea). Remove after spinach starts to shrink down for a min or 2 dude.

Mix quinoa and veges then mix in Parmesean cheese then stuff dem peppers, Throw in oven for 30-40min. Sprinkle with more Parm to eat if you can't get enough of dat cheese like me. and POW! Munchin' like a king.

2.    Ethiopian Quinoa & Black bean -
no more than 2 tsp Cinnamon
dash of Cayenne Pepper to your liking (optionaL)
2 ½ tsp Tumeric
1tsp Nutmeg
2 cloves garlic
EVOO, sea salt & pepper
1 ½ - 2 small boxes of raisons
¼c pine nuts (not necessary)
small onion diced
mozzarella cheese
⅔c black beans (or mixed beans,,,word)
½c quinoa,
2 peppers

Preheat oven to 400. Begin ⅔c beans to boil in about 2c H2o until almost all absorbed (~20-30min) Hollow & dress peppers (same as first recipe shit above)..... In separate pan, saute onions, then garlic (ALWAYS MOTHER FUCkIN GARLIC MAN SHIT AIN'T EVEN A QUESTION-n throw it in after onions so it doesn't get burnt) then the carrots (WANT A CRUNCH? YOU kNOW WHAT TO DO), pine nuts and raisons in EVOO with bit o salt.

*Can say screw vegetarian and add some ground beef. Junk be untouchable.

Add ½c quinoa + 1 ¼c H2o +pinch sea salt and simmer ~20min. 8-10min into the simmer add cinnamon and other spices & herbs (CAREFUL WITH THAT CAYENNE YO AZZ MAY BE SWEATIN' MORE THAN A WHITE BOY IN THE BRONX). When quinoa is done add saute from other pan (Careful to not pull the lid off the pot too often son!). Cook the bangin mixture the rest the way yo. Add the beans. Say peace and let it cool a minute then spoon into peppers layering mozz you know i crave dat cheesiness. Oven for 30-40min. Chow.

Let me know how it all pans out for you.