January 23, 2013

January 18, 2013

brand karma

I just got a free breakfast. The line was long, but I got it.
One of these, and one of those.
All fridays of January.

And to top it off the coffee is always free everyday when you purchase breakfast before 10am. Who knew?

It means a lot to do something for free. It's help for others. People remember that. Free food is a guaranteed positive.

So what is Chick-fil-a trying to get out of it by continuing to give? THE main reason is that consistent message that they do this sort of thing because it's simply a nice thing to do for the community. It's a support. Full circle brand loyalty. It's people like me saying, okay, here's a company that isn't the monster McDonalds' (AND they aren't as shit food as them) but they still $hell out free food. They stand by their company, their food, their customers, even for a large sized company they stand by locally. So now a regular someone from the community like myself is taking the time to put up a blog post about it. If one fast-food (it's as fast food as I get) restaurant can say community, it's them. In total, they have certain beliefs and they stand by them completely. Some of their firm values don't hold up well for some, but it is free food, and in the end it come$ back around.

Free deliciousness in my mouth? Hell yes please.

Same goes for doing spec work. It should be looked at as 1) most jobs you usually wouldn't get paid ahead of time anyway 2) building a lifelong customer.
Helping the other fellow goes a long way. People remember it.

January 17, 2013

oxymoron art study

I decided to take a step back from all modern forms of art and look at its roots. I thought, what better way to exercise my mind and creative foundations as an art director than to study these well-known artists by recreating an image in photoshop using their style. Besides, a great art director is an artist.

original photo




Classical / digital