September 30, 2010

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your money
your health
your time
the earth;

Print on both sides of the paper.
buy a whole turkey and slice it up instead of getting the packages of deli meat
grow your own vegetables
pee in the shower
fold your toilet paper over and wipe again
take reusable bags with you when you go shopping
take the bus, hitch a ride with someone
ride your bike
cut your own hair
use Blackle- same as google, less energy
buy in bulk at places like Sam's Club
use leftovers as part of another recipe
chat on skype
take the stairs
eat out only on special occasions
put fruit on your cereal rather than sugar
brush your teeth with an electric spin brush
write things down that are on your mind so you can fall asleep easier
develop a routine before you go to bed, when you get up
watch online videos only while eating
sketch out your idea/layout before executing it on the computer
enter sweepstakes that are free
take attempts at writing/design contests
download music albums from blogs / file-sharing software
only watch movies that are free on-demand
sell/get rid of what you don't need
don't masterbate in the shower
wait until you can fill the washing machine before you do your laundry
drink a glass of red wine every so often
think of new ideas
try new things

trade clothes you don't like anymore or are tired of with your friends
donate to Goodwill
shop at Goodwill
buy from the local Farmers Market

Support local businesses
Shower with a friend
Drink the tap water instead of being a wuss drinking bottled water
Reuse plastic bags - (you can make your own hanging dispenser for them)
Make a rain catcher in your yard

Try to camp in a designated area
Only buy what is on sale at the grocery store
Use coupons
When it's yellow let it mellow
Use a trash compactor, or compact it yourself.
turn off water while you brush your teeth.
Exercise with a buddy so that you have more of a commitment
unplug appliances when you aren't using them
team up with your neighbor on stuff
make your own wine/beer
if you're going to play the lottery, play when the jackpot is high
keep in touch with friends
always wash your socks/underwear, save worn pants & shirts for another day
get a bag of a variety of beans and cook it up and make some stew- it's way cheap
pour extra water into the coffee maker & then chill that leftover bit in the fridge for an ice coffee later
take whatever is free and run with it
help your friends with stuff
pick your nose instead of blowing it, wasting a tissue. Or, you can do a snot-rocket.
inject more ink into your printer cartridges for reuse
use an electric razor, but keep a regular one to get in close
jam out
Lose your gym membership and get more discipline

Rechargeable batteries
Go to concerts
let looSe!
Fleece is the most efficient warm wear for backpacking
Go fishing
Or better yet, live near a body of water so you can live off the fish.
Thumb drives instead of cds (cool ones like the ones that look like s snowboard)
Use the shampoo + body wash combo
Make your own beer. 
Don't go to Jared. 
Make your own damn jewelry
Brighten one person's day everyday
go to

*adding as I go.~