July 14, 2010

a good reason to drink

Appreciate a decent beer considering its taste and price, now of which has even more value. One cap/tab= dime for veterans.

Runs July 1st- Sept. 30th

July 6, 2010

orange boys

since the US is out, my next fav is the Dutch! Game is on today @2:30! So I got my Ajax hat, and my KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond *The Royal Dutch Football Association) pen that I have never used since I got it at a practice with a KNVB coach in the Netherlands for the Holland Cup back in summer 2001. Let's write down a "W" baby!

Still alive after what I thought would be a loss to Brazil, they've only got Uruguay in the way of the final- which will be against either a tough German or Spanish team. That semi-final winner will be decided tomorrow @2:30. I think these orange guys can do it, WITHOUT Robben jumping and diving everywhere.

I love me some World Cup! Enjoy the rest of the tournament everyone!  :)


2008. Saw 20 or so backyard firework shows across the Chicago skyline. Nothing quite like it.