May 31, 2010

our representative ribbon

Memorial Day.

A tribute to all of our nation's fallen soldiers. We appreciate the courage and heart you demonstrated putting your life in danger for our country.

It's sad that many people really do take this for granted, and it's even more sad that this topic of war exists at all.  Hopefully Memorial Day can do what it's supposed to. At least, next to the American flag, citizens can also show support through what we all know to be a simple commemorating symbol:

This yellow ribbon (actually a bag used for newspaper during rain) was tied to a tree in my parent's front yard next to the mailbox on the exact day the war began in Iraq, on March 20, 2003; and to this day, worn and while we would think its time was spent, it still remains tightly latched onto the same branch of that dogwood (the VA state tree).

Be it symbolic, we all wait for the day it falls off.

At the look of things, I'd like to grab some scissors.

May 27, 2010

best of 'some' villages

went to this store, or jewel, rather, today. Must share.
and yea, it's probably only a small portion of an international market of handmade goods.

Great, exotic, intricate, hand-made items from around the world- whose company & mission is to expose the genuine, handicraft gifts from village trades far and wide, and in-turn generate a more fair trade market with demands toward equal compensation across various economies. They are members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

May 7, 2010

Congratulations, you deserved it

if you're looking to order a trophy for a somebody, give them recognition with poop.

you could even fill it with poop if they REALLY go between the cracks for their accomplishments.

May 5, 2010

Around the world 144 times in 7min 07 seconds (7:07)

In case you were wondering about Daft Punk's Around the World lyrics...

By the way this is the start of my very own lyrics website. I only do lyrical genius.