March 16, 2010


my sister made delicious looking sugar cookies. taste good too.

savings of time

my clock in my car caught up with the time this past weekend...
it had been hanging out in the wrong time zone for quite some time.
Hey! It's impossible to figure out how to change the hour! Damn car radios. At least my phone updates itself. And no this is not what it seems like...
i guess that is time saved, and saving time is what's up.

Lazy or very proactive? whatever you want to call it.
(as long as you're up to date with everything else)

small antennas man.

March 10, 2010

joy walks

As warmer temperatures start settling in, it's easier to get out and enjoy the town. Richmond Virginia Friday night this time of year if you hadn't already heard of it, is the cultural splash that is the First Friday's Artwalk.

And if you have heard of it but you haven't been, you need to check it out. Those who don't know, this is a simple multiple block event that occurs every first friday of every month within the city's art galleries- primarily when they swap what they have on display. If you google "first fridays" you'll find that many cities across the country do something similar, Richmond's (along Broad St. near VCU), which has a new vamped up website, has been great the past few years I have gone. It is an event made into a usual thing for night out on the town. Beyond traditional art, you never know what you might run into....